The She-ro Project

Monday, September 5, 2011

W.W.A.S.D = What Would A She-ro Do.....We live in a society where we are quick to judge a person based on their appearance,circumstance or our very own circumstances can be the basis for how we perceive someone. If we are having a bad day or things are not gong right in our lives we tend to be in a sour mood and we look at things negatively. YES even I have done this. I ask myself W.W.J.D? Since He lives in us all I have to ask W.W.A.S.D?
A She-ro Constructs in stead f being destructive. She helps build relationships, families and communities
A She-ro Encourages instead of being being discouraging. She encourages her fellow She-roes as well as those who are on the road to being She-roes
She-roes Uplift. She lifts up the spirit of those who may be feeling down,discouraged and broken.She lifts up, encourages and is the glue to piece others back together. She spreads smiles not lies or rumors. She cries when she needs to. Although She-roes are strong, a true She-ro is not afraid to show her feelings. She-roes don't use HATE as a weapon but uses LOVE as a tool.She-roes Don't Save The Day...She-roes Save Lives......

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