The She-ro Project

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fasting & Holding Fast

Periodically I fast to get clarity,guidance & direction from God. During my Fast I commune more with God. Pray more and work on ME more. Every time I fast something happens both BAD & GOOD. God shows me who is who. The time prior to this I had something really devastating happen and all I could do was cry, dry my eyes, be still,hold on & PRAY. Storms don't last forever. We all know that after the rain there's ALWAYS a rainbow. When fasting the GOOD outweighs the BAD all the time. Most people would have given up and stopped fasting especially when it comes with the BAD but its the BAD that makes me appreciate the GOOD. So I will continue my fast. Continue communing with God and continue to allow Him to show me all the things that I need to see.I find myself teary eyed during my times of prayer because of all the things God is doing for me and IN ME. God's pouring into me so that I can pour into others. That's why the She-ro Project is so important to me.
So now when I fast I brace myself.I'm on Day 4 of my fast and something already happened on day 3. I didn't let it rock me. I stood strong, firm on the ROCK and didn't allow my faith to waiver none. I was prepared..When you know..You KNOW!!! They saying know is half the battle. I say "Knowing is VICTORIOUS".
So I am holding FAST during this fast....10 more days of Fasting.....