The She-ro Project

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More times than often we are judged by our looks. Society has created this image of what true beauty is. "Beauty is In The Eye Of The Beholder" ~Plato. As individuals we all have our own perception of what beauty is. Don't let society dictate to you what beauty is. Find out for yourself. Discovering what TRUE BEAUTY is is such a eye opening,enlightening experience. Everyone should have a chance to discover for themselves what BEAUTY is.
They have charts on what you should weigh. They have fashion magazines telling US what THEIR perception of what is and should be. If that was so then I guess I am UNATTRACTIVE according to what society's standards are of beauty. Each of us are BEAUTIFUL in our own right. Who am I to say what is not BEAUTIFUL? So I try my best to refrain from calling people UGLY or UNATTRACTIVE.I am sure that society is already to a bang up job telling us, in a round about way, that we are not BEAUTIFUL. I say forget what society says.What magazines say.Peers and other people who opinions don't matter say. YOU are BEAUTIFUL. So act BEAUTIFUL. Speak BEAUTY.Walk in BEAUTY. Exude BEAUTY because you are BEAUTIFUL!!!NEVER,EVER Be Afraid To Let Your She-ro Show!!!!!