The She-ro Project

Monday, September 5, 2011

W.W.A.S.D = What Would A She-ro Do.....We live in a society where we are quick to judge a person based on their appearance,circumstance or our very own circumstances can be the basis for how we perceive someone. If we are having a bad day or things are not gong right in our lives we tend to be in a sour mood and we look at things negatively. YES even I have done this. I ask myself W.W.J.D? Since He lives in us all I have to ask W.W.A.S.D?
A She-ro Constructs in stead f being destructive. She helps build relationships, families and communities
A She-ro Encourages instead of being being discouraging. She encourages her fellow She-roes as well as those who are on the road to being She-roes
She-roes Uplift. She lifts up the spirit of those who may be feeling down,discouraged and broken.She lifts up, encourages and is the glue to piece others back together. She spreads smiles not lies or rumors. She cries when she needs to. Although She-roes are strong, a true She-ro is not afraid to show her feelings. She-roes don't use HATE as a weapon but uses LOVE as a tool.She-roes Don't Save The Day...She-roes Save Lives......

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kill Them With L-O-V-E

As the Chair of the She-ro Project I try to practice all the things I preach.Today I had the pleasure f attending a great networking event with great speakers. A friend of mine and I attended. We had great seats and was super excited. In front of us sat a little girl 4 years old.She stared at us and then licked her tongue out at me.I was in shock. I turned my attention back to the speakers and they messages they were relaying to the audience and most importantly to me. After the speakers spoke dropping all sorts of jewels that you can apply to both your business and personal life as well. After circulating throughout the room and greeting people I new and those who I didn't I had the pleasure of running into the little lady who stuck her tongue out at me en she was with her Mom. I stuck my hand out and introduced myself and told her "I run he She-ro project and you are a She-ro In Training. As a She-ro you can't stick your tongue out at people. Its not nice". Her mom backed me up 100%. I said to her "Smile". She gave me 1 of the BEST smiles I had seen in a long time. I hugged her and said "I love you" and I really meant it.
I went back to networking and greeting some fabulous people who were doing great things.For a brief moment I was able to reflect back on 1 of the many things my Mom taught me as a child. 1 of the things she always said is "You can catch more bees with honey than vinegar. When someone is mean to you kill them with kindness". This popped into my mind when I was interacting with the little girl. As I was leaving and again I had the pleasure of running into her. I reminded her that she is not to stick her tongue out at anyone. She said "Ok. My cousin does that to me". I told her "Tell your cousin that's not nice. Okay?" She agreed. I invited her to be my guest at my next Kiddie Cookie Academy Session.
What I learned is that hurt people, hurt people....She probably felt hurt when her cousin did it to her so she did it to someone else not knowing any better. I could of scolded her and made her feel bad but what would that have accomplished? Next time you see that woman or girl give you that side eye, dirty look remember the little girl. She was taught this and it did not make her feel good and she wanted someone else to feel what she feels when cousin does it to her. Remember that those women & girls were once that little girl who felt bad about having it done to her. The cure for hurt is LOVE..The cure for hate is LOVE.....Let's Kill Them With L-O-V-E...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More times than often we are judged by our looks. Society has created this image of what true beauty is. "Beauty is In The Eye Of The Beholder" ~Plato. As individuals we all have our own perception of what beauty is. Don't let society dictate to you what beauty is. Find out for yourself. Discovering what TRUE BEAUTY is is such a eye opening,enlightening experience. Everyone should have a chance to discover for themselves what BEAUTY is.
They have charts on what you should weigh. They have fashion magazines telling US what THEIR perception of what is and should be. If that was so then I guess I am UNATTRACTIVE according to what society's standards are of beauty. Each of us are BEAUTIFUL in our own right. Who am I to say what is not BEAUTIFUL? So I try my best to refrain from calling people UGLY or UNATTRACTIVE.I am sure that society is already to a bang up job telling us, in a round about way, that we are not BEAUTIFUL. I say forget what society says.What magazines say.Peers and other people who opinions don't matter say. YOU are BEAUTIFUL. So act BEAUTIFUL. Speak BEAUTY.Walk in BEAUTY. Exude BEAUTY because you are BEAUTIFUL!!!NEVER,EVER Be Afraid To Let Your She-ro Show!!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


We will have people question what we do and how we do it. We will have people even question our existence.It's normal. NEVER, EVER allow their questions to make you 2nd guess yourself. We are all put on this earth for a PURPOSE. You must find what your purpose is and act upon it. People will question what your doing, your motives and may even try to sabotage what your doing. Don't let it bother you. It's to be expected. Those who have yet to find their own purpose can't fully understand what your purpose is. To be honest many will never understand. When you are being sent and guided by God it doesn't matter who isn't getting the methodology to what your doing. You have NOTHING to prove to no one but yourself. Prove to yourself that you can accomplish all you set out to do despite the naysayers and the back biters. You can't be mad at them. There's really not time to acknowledge what they say. You must ALWAYS K.I.M = Keep It Moving.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Not Where Your From..It's Where Your At

Growing up in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn I had the opportunity to grow up around a very diverse group of people.It was a melting pot consisting of people who came from Jamaica,Panama,Guyana,Trinidad & Tobago,Hati,Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic and a host other places. It was there I learned the difference between Koreans,Filipinos,Chinese and Japanese. Growing up around such a diverse group of people gave me he chance to learn about their cultures, traditions and customs. My Mom taught me to learn about other people's cultures. Not to pre-judge them before getting to know them. 1 of the unfortunate things I learned was prejudice.You can have the same skin color as a group of people and still have them not like you because of your cultural differences. They see the differences instead of looking at the common threads that bind us all together. We share the same struggles and concerns despite coming from different places. Some of us even share the same skin color and yet we don't like one another because of the part of the world we were born in.None of us can help where we were born, we just make the best of the hand we were dealt. We tend to not like someone because of where they were born and their cultural differences. Instead we should get to know the person. Learn about their culture and learn how they grew up and you will see more similarities than differences. Let's dispel those myths that women can't come together. Let's even dispel those myths that despite our cultures,generations of prejudice we can come together and bond.
With the She-ro Project we plan to bring women together who were born in different countries,different backgrounds and ages. Let's come together to grow and learn about the ties that bind us together.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fasting & Holding Fast

Periodically I fast to get clarity,guidance & direction from God. During my Fast I commune more with God. Pray more and work on ME more. Every time I fast something happens both BAD & GOOD. God shows me who is who. The time prior to this I had something really devastating happen and all I could do was cry, dry my eyes, be still,hold on & PRAY. Storms don't last forever. We all know that after the rain there's ALWAYS a rainbow. When fasting the GOOD outweighs the BAD all the time. Most people would have given up and stopped fasting especially when it comes with the BAD but its the BAD that makes me appreciate the GOOD. So I will continue my fast. Continue communing with God and continue to allow Him to show me all the things that I need to see.I find myself teary eyed during my times of prayer because of all the things God is doing for me and IN ME. God's pouring into me so that I can pour into others. That's why the She-ro Project is so important to me.
So now when I fast I brace myself.I'm on Day 4 of my fast and something already happened on day 3. I didn't let it rock me. I stood strong, firm on the ROCK and didn't allow my faith to waiver none. I was prepared..When you know..You KNOW!!! They saying know is half the battle. I say "Knowing is VICTORIOUS".
So I am holding FAST during this fast....10 more days of Fasting.....

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Had No Clue....

The She-ro Project made its debut in January 2001 but the actual conception date goes as far back as 2006. I started a She-ro Awards Ceremony Honoring business Women who have assisted other business in their journey spiritually,emotionally or even financially.The 1st ceremony was small and cozy and I felt great being able to honor such great women. My plan was to continue to do it every year there after. Unfortunately lack of funds became a problem. I was struggling with my business and was unable to do in in 2007. So years went by and I continued my struggling busines while working f a full time job. In 2009 I took a leap of faith and left my job. I wasn't happy there and not giving 100% to the job as I should have. I left and haven't look back. So after giving my business the attention that it needed to blossom into this BEAUTIFUL entity that you see today. It prompted me to start the Kiddie Cookie Academy and revisit the She-ro Awards Ceremony. Now we are talking 5 years later and things have changed.I now look at things from a different perspective. So with that I felt the need to take the She-ro Awards Ceremony and create a MOVEMENT instead. This is something God put in my spirit to do.
The women of today are in need of empowering, uplifting & inspiring movements so that we can moves towards a better US. We have lost our way somewhere, somehow. The where and the how is not important. What's important is that we address the issues that plague us and start working towards a resolution to the many problems.
I was told that "Your not going to be able to do it". Today I am laughing because its getting done. The movement has been created. Going in a great direction at a great pace to boot. I come from a long line of survivors, warriors, go getters who laughed in the face of adversity. There's an Africa proverb that asks "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer is "One Bite At A Time". I have my plate, knife & fork. Iam sitting at the table ready to eat this elephant. We need people who have this same attitude to assist in getting this project where I'd like it to go. I hope to see you at the feast.
We are currently selling She-ro T-Shirts to fund our many projects. We are in the process of turning this into a non-profit organization
We plan to hold open forums like our State of The Woman Address where we plan to discuss the problems and try to figure out what needs to be done to bring about change. Change starts with SELF. If we can get people to recognize this and possible see that We need to be the change we want to see. We also plan to mentor the generation that will follow us. So stay tuned for the many wonderful things we will offer in the upcoming months