The She-ro Project

Monday, September 5, 2011

W.W.A.S.D = What Would A She-ro Do.....We live in a society where we are quick to judge a person based on their appearance,circumstance or our very own circumstances can be the basis for how we perceive someone. If we are having a bad day or things are not gong right in our lives we tend to be in a sour mood and we look at things negatively. YES even I have done this. I ask myself W.W.J.D? Since He lives in us all I have to ask W.W.A.S.D?
A She-ro Constructs in stead f being destructive. She helps build relationships, families and communities
A She-ro Encourages instead of being being discouraging. She encourages her fellow She-roes as well as those who are on the road to being She-roes
She-roes Uplift. She lifts up the spirit of those who may be feeling down,discouraged and broken.She lifts up, encourages and is the glue to piece others back together. She spreads smiles not lies or rumors. She cries when she needs to. Although She-roes are strong, a true She-ro is not afraid to show her feelings. She-roes don't use HATE as a weapon but uses LOVE as a tool.She-roes Don't Save The Day...She-roes Save Lives......

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kill Them With L-O-V-E

As the Chair of the She-ro Project I try to practice all the things I preach.Today I had the pleasure f attending a great networking event with great speakers. A friend of mine and I attended. We had great seats and was super excited. In front of us sat a little girl 4 years old.She stared at us and then licked her tongue out at me.I was in shock. I turned my attention back to the speakers and they messages they were relaying to the audience and most importantly to me. After the speakers spoke dropping all sorts of jewels that you can apply to both your business and personal life as well. After circulating throughout the room and greeting people I new and those who I didn't I had the pleasure of running into the little lady who stuck her tongue out at me en she was with her Mom. I stuck my hand out and introduced myself and told her "I run he She-ro project and you are a She-ro In Training. As a She-ro you can't stick your tongue out at people. Its not nice". Her mom backed me up 100%. I said to her "Smile". She gave me 1 of the BEST smiles I had seen in a long time. I hugged her and said "I love you" and I really meant it.
I went back to networking and greeting some fabulous people who were doing great things.For a brief moment I was able to reflect back on 1 of the many things my Mom taught me as a child. 1 of the things she always said is "You can catch more bees with honey than vinegar. When someone is mean to you kill them with kindness". This popped into my mind when I was interacting with the little girl. As I was leaving and again I had the pleasure of running into her. I reminded her that she is not to stick her tongue out at anyone. She said "Ok. My cousin does that to me". I told her "Tell your cousin that's not nice. Okay?" She agreed. I invited her to be my guest at my next Kiddie Cookie Academy Session.
What I learned is that hurt people, hurt people....She probably felt hurt when her cousin did it to her so she did it to someone else not knowing any better. I could of scolded her and made her feel bad but what would that have accomplished? Next time you see that woman or girl give you that side eye, dirty look remember the little girl. She was taught this and it did not make her feel good and she wanted someone else to feel what she feels when cousin does it to her. Remember that those women & girls were once that little girl who felt bad about having it done to her. The cure for hurt is LOVE..The cure for hate is LOVE.....Let's Kill Them With L-O-V-E...